28th March  – A great site visit with the CSL Coffee Morning Group on Friday, using our explorer packs to help us investigate the site. We found some interesting things: a muddy footprint, a worm print, a worm, some sparkling frogspawn, yellow gorse flowers, a sticky slug, many mini beasts, lots of pine cones, patterns in the pathways, a Skylark’s song, different coloured rocks, and a curious and shiny layer of orange and black shale …


20th March – Our return session with Priory School – and a great follow up to our site visit on the 18th. We started with some creative mapping of the woods in the morning, and then took our 3D nature samples collected from the site, and photographed them with a macro lens to turn them into 2D photographs to project and trace onto paper. Finally we began transforming our 2D drawings of nature back into 3D models for the gateway – experimenting with how Pandrol’s railways clips and Brunton Shaw’s wire rope could be used to represent our nature drawings. Great work!


19th March – Lovely to go back to Holy Family School and work with Year 3 again. We began the day by mapping our route across the site from the week before. We then had fun projecting close up images of the samples we’d collected onto the walls to draw and trace the shapes on large sheets of paper to create designs to inspire gateway, producing some beautiful drawings!  We finished by experimenting with some of the materials Ian and I had been collecting.



18th March – Our first session with Priory Primary School. Some fabulous model-making and very thorough exploration and sampling of 3 different habitats on the site this afternoon – with some help and expert knowledge from Ted and Gill – thank you!


12th March – Today we began our workshops sessions with Holy Family Primary school’s Year 3 class. What great imaginations!

The day included exploring sculpture, model making, mapping the school and then a trip to the woods to explore the site and help us collect specimens of plants to help inspire the design of the gateway… we’re looking forward to going back next week!


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