Design Revealed!

We can now reveal the design for the gateway sculpture…
In our original plans we were hoping to install the sculpture this summer. Due to responses from  local people it was decided that more direct representation of the site’s mining heritage needed to be included within the design. The schedule was therefore put back to allow time to do this.
We now have a new design – inspired by the site’s pit history, the site’s nature we explored with the schools and links with today’s local industries:
 – using the shape of the pit head to create the structure,
 – using nature from the site to inspire the design cut out design for the legs,
–  using Pandrol’s railway clips, Brunton Shaw’s wire rope and Manton Pit tally tags to make the flower head.
Design options for the legs…


Design options for the flower head…


…and here’s a mock up of the sculpture on site

Manton Pit Woods Gateway Mock Up 2

Last week the designs were shared with the community groups involved, and we’re now moving forward with construction. We hope to be installing the sculpture in the Autumn – we’ll keep you posted!


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